Newsletter August 2015

MCFTech Breaks the Translation Barrier

Support your global workforce with the new MCF Translator tool for Quick Base

By Paul Young -- Provide your global workforce with the support they need by translating Quick Base to multiple languages for the first time ever. Developed by MCFTech, the "MCF Translate" tool allows you to translate Table Names, Form Names, Form Links, Embedded Report Links, Values and Labels, Field Labels and Values, URL Buttons, Reports and Charts and more. MCF Translate supports a wide-range of languages including Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, French, German, and more.



Quick Base vs. SharePoint - Head-to-Head

Deployed in a majority of Fortune 100 Companies, see how Quick Base and SharePoint stack up
By Govind Davis -- Both Quick Base and SharePoint are designed to provide flexible, secure, and rapidly deployed approaches to collaboration.
SharePoint is fundamentally a system focused on the management of documents within a collection of public and private sites (essentially like websites). Through the addition of Lists, Business Intelligence (BI) Services and Business Connectivity Services, SharePoint supports a limited capability for record-focused interaction. As a Microsoft product, SharePoint is unparalleled in its ability to interface with Microsoft Office products.
Quick Base is, at its core, an online database designed for interaction with forms and tabular reports. With a simple but powerful relational model and in-memory database, Quick Base provides powerful data-driven capabilities for managing up to medium-sized data sets. Some capabilities are provided for handing documents though it's a highly limited set of features.



Working virtually and identifying collaboration software

Director of Engineering Harrison Hersch discusses the challenges of a global workforce and the collaboration software that eliminates these challenges

As a virtual company, MCFTech ( relies heavily on meetings. We aren't able to have water cooler chat, swing by a colleague's office to ask a question, or draw something out on a whiteboard in a conference room. On top of having clients all over the world, we have a global workforce spanning many time zones. Virtual companies need to lean on collaboration software in order to be productive, while minimizing the impact of the added meetings to ensure staff still have time to attend to core work duties.

Collaboration software used by MCFTech

Microsoft Office 365
Using Office365, all of our associates are on Lync regularly as their primary internal communication tool. Lync is used for instant messaging and short/tight-scope meetings. We also leverage Microsoft OneNote 2013 for meeting notes, technical specifications, content gathering, etc. One of the greatest advantages of using the suite of Microsoft Online tools is their tight integration with one another. For example, directly from a calendar event in Outlook, we can create a meeting notes page in OneNote which all attendees can view and collaborate on virtually.


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