November 2015

How Planning a Holiday Party Can Save Your IT Project


By Tod Samson — Seventy percent of Information Technology (“IT”) projects fail. A staggering percentage that would be unacceptable in any other area of business. Why does this high failure rate seem so widely accepted in the IT space? For an organization to roll out a successful IT project, whether it’s a new initiative or the launch of a new technology, an organization can do many things to correct that abysmal statistic. Business leaders often find themselves wondering how they can prevent their IT project from joining the undesirable 70%. These leaders tend to overthink how they can prevent this, without realizing the answer is quite simple: turn to the 5P’s and 2C’s, or Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance and Communication is Critical. Leaders must also understand “The Planning Paradox,” which says the biggest challenge to those outside the project is when planning is done well, it seems also non-existent. It’s usually when planning is non-existent, that it becomes apparent.

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Students at Youth Innovation Forum Learn, and Teach, Valuable Skills

MCFTech is a sponsor for this year’s Youth Innovation Forum, held annually by the Consortium of African American Organizations. Learn how MCFTech’s Kevin Slider has been a valuable mentor, while also learning key lessons from this year’s students.

MCFTech’s Kevin Slider (sitting, yellow shirt) chats with members of the Youth Innovation Forum during a lunch break

By Kevin Slider — Several weeks into volunteering and mentoring the participants in the Youth Innovation Forum, an annual event conducted by the Consortium of African American Organizations (CAAO), and I am still learning from the kids. Yes, you read that correctly, school is in session, and I am not the teacher. I have been incredibly impressed with the young minds at the Youth Innovation Forum (“YIF”), that I’m often not prepared for what they will come up with next. The forum is teaching them how to spark ideas, turn these sparks into something tangible, and turn that something tangible into something successful. For example, this year, the students are divided into three groups: one group is focused on welding, one on light-emitting diodes, commonly known as LED, and the last group on financial literacy. I chose to mentor and work with the LED group because of my background in programming LEDs and a personal affinity for LED toys. One day, the LED group was trying to create a name for an LED product. They searched Google with specific search terms and identified a single word that repeated throughout the first page of results, Flash. By doing a search for the most popular result, they are already picking a highly marketable title that will help them in Search Engine Optimization for the future. Why didn’t I think of that? That is just one of the many examples why the collaborative relationship between myself and the kids is more than just mentor and student; we both learn from each other.

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We’ve Made it Easier Than Ever to Connect With Our Experts

By Paul Young — Over the past month, we have been piloting the addition of live chat functionality on our website, After an overwhelmingly positive reception, we are excited to announce that our visitors can now connect with us via chat from anywhere in the world. Chat with a real, live, MCFTech employee Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM EST - 6:00 PM EST. We have representatives available to answer your questions regarding MCFTech services and products, implementation details, and any other questions you may have.

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What Does Santa Use to Schedule Delivery? MCFTech Scheduler, Of Course

By Paul Young — Used by companies both large and small, as well as Santa himself, the MCFTech Scheduler is perfect for scheduling resources in an organization. Resources can include employees, machines, or elves making presents. The MCFTech Scheduler is a tailored user-interface that augments your Quick Base application, allowing you to create and manage schedules with drag n’ drop functionality. All information updated in the Scheduler also updates in your Quick Base application with no extra work.

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