October 2015

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We hope you are enjoying our monthly Newsletter and find the information provided valuable. In this issue, Technical Lead and Quick Base Guru Ken Lin shares some Quick Base tips and tricks you can do yourself to maximize the effectiveness of your applications. Plus, Business Development Manager Allison Haleau recaps Empower 2016, and lets you in on the value you can expect by attending. If you have suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover in future newsletters, please feel free to submit suggestions to

Quick Base Productivity Hacks and Shortcuts


By Ken Lin — As Quick Base continues to add new features, it’s important to stay up to date so you can make improvements to your existing applications. If you’re new to citizen development and Quick Base applications, these tips and tricks can help as you start your journey. We received great feedback on the first two articles in this series, and are pleased to bring you the third installment. In this article, Technical Lead and certified Quick Base Developer, Ken Lin, teaches you quick ways to manage your default report fields, how to scale back some visible fields, and more.

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Ease the Tension Between Business Leaders and IT Teams by Examining the Role of Quick Base and Citizen Developers

Quick Base is the leading low-code platform for rapid application development. Learn more about how to unite IT and the Business, plus read Gartner’s report on the State of Citizen Development
By Paul Young — Historically, business leaders seeking rapid deployment of applications fought an uphill battle. Organizational leaders needed faster and faster rollouts, often putting them at odds with IT teams who are tasked with managing risks associated with new technology. Today, new low-code platforms such as Intuit Quick Base allow Business Leaders and internal IT teams to come together in the spirit of operational effectiveness and problem-solving. This has given rise to a new class of workers, called “Citizen Developers,” who create Business Process Applications using low-code platforms, while still maintaining the oversight and application governance from their trusted IT teams. Learn more about why Quick Base is the go-to low-code platform for Citizen Developers, and read Gartner’s September 2015 Whitepaper “The State of Citizen Development Report, September 2015.”

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Application Insights is a Powerful Tool to Help You Troubleshoot App Issues

By Harrison Hersch — At MCFTech, our business requires us to build software of all shapes and sizes, using different frameworks and different platforms. Each one of our solutions has different requirements, some are for internal use and some are for external use. We also have solutions which run client-side (JavaScript) and some which run server-side (.NET/PHP/Ruby). With so many solutions being managed, complexities are introduced around managing performance as well as exceptions and troubleshooting.

With Application Insights from Microsoft Azure, we can provide valuable intelligence for a variety of solutions. These insights help our Technical Leads and Coders see exactly how the environments they are managing are performing. All parties are able to see specific errors, and quickly develop a plan of action without needing to loop in superfluous resources.

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The Advanced Quickbase Logging Available

By Paul Young — The Advanced Logging Tool from MCFTech allows you to log, track, and report on virtually any change made in your Quick Base applications. Our tool provides the most advanced looging available in Quick Base today. Perfect for HIPPA compliance, or to meet strict IT requirements.

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