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MCF Technology Solutions (MCFTech) delivers Services, Strategy, and Products to business customers worldwide. We focus on the successful development, deployment, and support of Business Applications for diverse teams. We believe the best solutions come from a sound business understanding and the thoughtful application of technology. Our Business-First approach ensures a high-level of collaboration with our clients and results that satisfy the organizational needs. As a modern, virtual company, MCFTech provides resources and services in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. Our global footprint includes deployments in more than twenty countries as well as systems that touch nearly every corner of the business world.


MCFTech offers consultative expertise in evaluating modern technologies, requirements discovery, solution design, and business process engineering with an eye to the implementation of high value systems. We provide an enhanced offering of services that build upon our core expertise in platform development including business intelligence, content, onshore and offshore staffing, and mobile development.

  • Application Development
  • Application Support
  • Client and Server Code
  • Web and Cloud Integrations
  • Cloud Adoption
  • SaaS and PaaS Governance
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Requirements Analysis

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the mcf way

The MCF Way has led to hundreds of successful engagements. It is an iterative, customer-centered methodology based on extensive experience with leading software development, business process, and project management practices such as Lean Six Sigma, Agile, and PRINCE2®.



  • Define—work closely with you to understand your unique business processes
  • Design—Design the application architecture and validate
  • Accelerate—Accelerate development of your application, “hit the ground running”
  • Control—Development at a controlled pace nearing project completion


  • Test—Internal testing as well as user-acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Release—Application is ready and released to your end-users
  • Hypercare—The period after application release where MCFTech is rapidly available for support to ensure user adoption
  • Enhance—Gather feedback from end-users and prepare for application enhancements





Whether you’re a new visitor to our website or a long-time client, you may have noticed we love Owls. One look at the owl and you can sense it – the wisdom that comes from centuries as sentry. Their vision allows them to see what others cannot. And, their intuition helps safely guide their quest. Many cultures see the presence of the owl as a signifier of change.

At MCFTech we like to think we embody many of these same traits as we serve our clients. Our vision, and the ability to ask the right questions, helps us spot opportunities for process and system improvement. And, our intuition, developed through years of working with different types of technology, allows us to more quickly deliver tailored Business Process Applications.

Those applications are changing the way our clients get business done and ushering in a new era of collaborative productivity. Plus, you have to admit…an owl is a whole lot cooler than a Parakeet.


MCFMedia Solutions

MCF Media Solutions delivers Business Process Applications to the entertainment industry to help manage production, post-production, and distribution projects using the power of the cloud.
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Now more than ever, organizations are finding it difficult to realize innovation within their walls. Misalignment of corporate resources and legacy infrastructure slows down businesses causing them to constantly play catch-up as industry trends are rapidly changing. Taksa fosters innovation by augmenting your existing onshore team through dedicated talent resources developing for the technology stack required to stay competitive. With the roadblocks removed, innovation flourishes and your organization makes the transition from industry trend seeker to industry leader

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