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MCFTech’s core service is developing Business Process Applications to help run your business. These applications help you realize a dramatic increase in the efficiency of your business, and a decrease in wasted time and effort.

That sounds great. Where do we start?

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or trying to replace antiquated systems like Excel, Lotus Notes, or an Access Database, we can help. Leveraging decades of experience across many industries, our team works with you to truly understand your unique business processes, make recommendations on process improvement, and develops a Business Process Application specifically tailored to suit your needs. Utilizing the latest cloud-based, platform technology such as Quick Base, our team rapidly develops these applications to fit your needs.

Discovery sessions help us understand your unique business practices and processes
Potential project risks are identified and mitigated early in the process
Design your application architecture, providing a roadmap to success
Discuss long-term vision of your applications and make plans for future enhancements

You truly understand my business. What happens during development?

After we understand your unique business practices and processes, we begin development to bring you an application tailored to fit your needs. Utilizing our “secret sauce”, The MCF Way, your project team will work closely with you throughout the process to develop, test, and release your applications.

Based on our discovery sessions, we can make a recommendation on which solution we feel is right for you

Utilizing our proven methodology, The MCF Way, we rapidly develop your solution

Your dedicated project team will develop, test, and help release your application to your teams using AGILE Development, an iterative process that allows for rapid development

My Business Process Applications are amazing, how do I take them to the next level?

We promise you’ll love your new application and you’ll begin realizing the benefits of leveraging cloud-based technology right away. But as your business grows, your applications will need to evolve and grow with you. We are your true technology partner, and will support you every step of the way.

We provide access to our support portal so you can get the help you need, when you need it (seen at left)

Implementation support and change management by providing you with systems documentation, training, and infrastructure support (if needed)

Integration services to truly bring your applications to life by integrating them with other systems or solutions for one seamless experience


  • Quickly deliver an application or multiple applications that work together
  • Increase collaboration for your team by allowing everyone to work off the same version of data, updated in real-time
  • Replace antiquated systems like Excel, Access, and Lotus Notes
  • Can be tailored to specific process requirements without compromising or changing your business process
  • Develop front-line operation applications as well as core enterprise-wide systems
  • Own your application and easily make updates without waiting for your IT department; even build your own reports

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Global Retailer

Discover how an international retailer with over 3,000 stores leverages Quick Base for all new store construction and project management.
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Summit Retail Solutions

Learn how Summit Retail Solutions reduced shrink between $50,000 - $100,000 in one year via Quick Base and a custom web portal.
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Tui Lifestyle

Tui Lifestyle simplifies a complex quoting process and expands their solution to include inventory management and mobile capabilities.