Business Intelligence

“Turn Data into Insight”

One of the most valuable aspects to the success of a business is the ability to collect, report, and analyze critical data. Cloud-technology has revolutionized the way businesses do this by providing easy-to-build custom reports that can be updated in real-time to always present the most current, accurate picture of business health. At MCFTech, we are Business Intelligence (BI) experts, capable of leveraging the native BI functionality of our cloud-based platforms as well as industry-leading tools such as Tableau and Cognos to take your BI to the next level.

Client Challenges

Data can be spread across too many systems and often takes a while to gather and analyze, increasing the risk that the intelligence you do have is old and not 100% accurate

Wasted Time

Our clients often complain of wasted time and effort creating, building, and managing reports from the ground up.

Bad, Undynamic Data

Data is often inaccurate due to lack of organizational discipline and reports are not dynamic to provide real-time information.

Hard to Manage Reports

Complex reports where desired changes are difficult and time consuming and hardly ever produce the expected outcome.


MCFTech Solutions

We leverage the native capabilities of our platform technology and augment them with industry leading BI solutions to bring your data to life.

  • Pull data from all types of systems and create functional, dynamic reports without the manual effort of pulling from different sources
  • Enterprise data-quality management
  • Implementation of mathematical and statistical analysis
  • Full environment assessments and BI discovery and strategy sessions
  • Best-practice data mining tools and techniques
  • Data integration, enterprise data warehouse implementation and dynamic infographs and forecasting


  1. Customized dashboards for different roles in the organization, including high-level Executive Dashboards
  2. Roll up data to present a higher level view of the health of the business including tracking sales by product categories
  3. Choose the custom filters that best suit your needs and view real-time, dynamic data based on criteria such as date, geography, product categories, and more

Business Value

Leverage a BI solution from MCFTech to help your business realize the following benefits

  • Access to real-time reports
  • Holistic business view with consistent enterprise-wide reporting and analysis
  • Specific and flexible analytic capabilities with quick to deploy web applications
  • Access to reports and data on the go


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