Business Process

“Define, refine, and improve your business processes”

We believe the best solutions come from a sound business understanding and the thoughtful application of technology. Our Business-First approach ensures a high-level of collaboration with our clients and results that satisfy the organizational needs. With a team of Business Process experts, including multiple Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, we gain an in-depth understanding of your unique processes, and can engage in a variety of ways; from providing process improvement recommendations to full Business Process Application development to fit your needs.


Client Challenges

Each of our clients face their own unique challenges. Over our decades of combined experience, we’ve helped clients identify common challenges they never knew existed.

Poorly Defined Process

Our clients are challenged by processes that are poorly defined and thus, not adhered to by the organization causing work and communication breakdown

Lack of Process Discipline

A lack of discipline from employees on following processes due to improper training of new or current employees

Constant Change

Constantly changing processes can lead to a breakdown of those processes and frustrated employees due to a lack of tools and processes to support them



We offer multiple services to support our clients within each part of the development lifecycle including.

  • Purely consultative engagement where we perform a Kaizen to fully understand business needs and value-stream map your process
  • Help you understand what platform-based cloud technology and Business Process Applications can do for your business
  • Full Business Process Application development to provide a highly-valuable solution to fit your processes
  • Help with change management including implementation, training, and support for new business processes and Business Process Applications

  1. When evaluating business processes, companies often only see what is above the surface and visible. However, a complete picture of your Business Process is usually hidden.
  2. MCFTech and our team of Business Process Analysts and experts can work with you to identify the pieces of your process which may not be apparent, in an effort to tailor a Business Process Application to your exact needs.


Working with MCFTech on a business process solution can provide valuable benefits to your business, including:

  • Understand your full value stream
  • Align SaaS and other technologies to eliminate value stream Muda
  • Develop a clear roadmap to efficiently meet your business goals
  • Leverage platform technology experts to recommend the right solutions