“The Business World is Moving to the Cloud; Don’t Get Left on the Ground”

More and more businesses are migrating to cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) than ever before. The movement to the cloud and to managed cloud infrastructure services is driven by the low total cost of ownership, flexible and dynamic environments, and the need for employees to have access to information across the world. MCFTech, a Microsoft Gold Partner, provides cloud IaaS services using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Our services include cloud IaaS consultation, solution design, solution deployment, and on-going support. Whether you have an existing cloud environment, or are considering the leap, MCFTech’s team of experts can help you select the solution that’s right for you, as well as monitor and maintain your environment to ensure top performance and security.

Client Challenges

No one understands the cloud.’ Well, we do. The rapid march to the cloud for businesses and their IT strategies means you can’t afford to be left behind. Whether you’re leaping to the cloud for the first time, or just need help managing your existing cloud infrastructure, MCFTech can help.

Costly to Manage

On-premise solutions can be costly and risky to manage, often requiring at least one FT person to manage the environment.

Lack of Agility

With on-premise solutions, changes can often be time consuming, costly, and not flexible enough to meet business demand.


Managing demand of an on-premise solution can be costly and timely, often delaying critical business decisions and processes.


MCFTech Solutions

We leverage the power of leading cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to help you adopt, convert, or expand your cloud infrastructure usage

  • Solution consultation and design to help you choose the cloud infrastructure that’s right for you
  • Cloud infrastructure design and deployment
  • Help migrating your on-premise solution to the cloud
  • Full management of your existing cloud environment
  • Manage server consumption demand. Always have what you need, but never too much
  • Up-time monitoring around the clock to keep your business running
  • Analysis of current cloud environment and recommendations for improvement
  • Maintenance and monitoring to patch for security vulnerabilities and perform regular updates
  • Backup and restore solutions to meet your unique business needs


  1. The cloud is leading new innovations and R&D across all types of business due to flexibility and ability to scale easily.
  2. The cloud provides access to real-time data, and cloud-platforms such as Quick Base allow users to quickly create and share their own reports, charts, and graphs.
  3. Cloud infrastructure services continue to evolve to address security and compliance concerns from business leaders.
  4. MCFTech can help design a cloud infrastructure services solution and help migrate your current on-premise solutions to the cloud.

Business Value

Leverage a cloud infrastructure services solution from MCFTech to help your business realize the following benefits

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • More agility in projects and requests that require IT help
  • Improved business intelligence and analytics to see how your environment is performing
  • Affordable scalability. As your business grows, let your cloud infrastructure grow with you

Discover how leaping to the cloud with MCFTech can help your business