Advanced Logging

Easily track nearly every interaction your users have with your Quick Base applications

The MCFTech logging tool complements Quick Base’s platform logging capabilities to allow you to have more insight to how your applications are being used. The tool can be configured to track nearly any interaction your user has with the application from field value changes to what administrator last changed the database structure.

Gain Insight

Gain insight into actions inside your Quick Base environment that was never before possible

  • Track what records are viewed, edited, or printed and by what user
  • Track what files have been downloaded
  • Log database and programming changes
  • Tool creates a full audit log of data changes


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Realize the Benefits

Your advanced insight to your Quick Base application leads to many benefits, including:

  • Ability to analyze trends of data usage and determine which data sets are most critical to your application
  • Provide robust auditing for compliance with corporate IT standards
  • Track user engagement and use it as feedback for the strengths and weaknesses of the application
  • Use it as a troubleshooting tool to get the specific inputs when a user is having issues