Manage your projects and tasks with a modern, custom-branded, user-interface, all incorporated as part of your Quick Base application

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Incorporate one of the most popular Project Management tools directly into your Quick Base application and gain unparalleled insight into project plans, timelines, tasks and much more. Utilizing an intuitive, easy to use user-interface, the Quick Base Gantt allows users to make changes and updates directly in the Gantt which automatically update in your application.


Gain Insight

View and manage your projects like never before

  • Ability to select from multiple projects
  • View hierarchy and status of tasks
  • Easily search and view tasks
  • Highlight critical chain or tasks longer than 7 days
  • Saved changes are automatically updated in your application

Our Gantt tool isn’t an only child, meet the Gantt’s sister tool, the Scheduler to easily schedule and mange your resources

Simple to Learn and Use

User-friendly features make using and learning the Quick Base Gantt simple

  • Branded with your color scheme and logo for a tool that feels uniquely “yours”
  • Drag n’ Drop functionality for easy task assignment
  • “Bubbles” can be dragged, dropped, contracted, expanded with ease
  • View and zoom by day, week, month, and year
  • Easily set predecessor and successors with the click and drag of your mouse

Interested in simplifying your Project Management processes? Contact us today for pricing and implementation details

Realize the Benefits

Experience all the benefits a Quick Base Gantt chart brings to your projects and team

  • Added clarity with multiple tasks and timelines all in one place
  • Improve team coordination by providing an easy to read and understand project overview
  • Increased flexibility as project changes can be simulated to see how they effect the bigger project picture
  • Improve accountability from your team members by easily seeing who is completing tasks on time