image mapper

Easily overlay Quick Base data onto an image

The MCF Image Mapper allows you to overlay Quick Base data onto an image stored in Quick Base. The perfect solution for floor plans, property management, maps and more. With data represented visually, you and your team will gain additional insight into your projects and properties.


Discover the Features

With a wide range of features, the Image Mapper is perfect for visualizing data on an image

  • Overlay information and data from Quick Base onto an image stored in Quick Base
  • Information overlayed on the image can be static or dynamic
  • Apply advanced logic to the Quick Base data to have it display dynamic and intelligent information


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Realize the Benefits

See your data like never before

  • Visually display data that is easy to consume and understand at a glance
  • Combine advanced logic and dynamic data to quickly alert you to the health of your project or properties
  • Easily print and share these images with your teams to provide quick project or property health and status reports