mcf translator

Support your global workforce by converting Quick Base to several different languages

Extend the reach of your application by supporting multiple languages. The MCF Translator tool allows you to support as many localizations as you need for your Quick Base applications.


Globalize Your Applications

Make your Quick Base applications even more global by supporting a variety of languages

  • Replace the default Quick Base field name with a user’s preferred language on the fly
  • Support for multiple languages, including non-western languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and more
  • Easily manage your translations within Quick Base records


Learn how Project Coordinator, Fernanda Rueda, manages her work and personal life while living in Colombia

Realize the Benefits

Improve the overall experience of your user’s by providing a Business Process Application in their native language

  • Create a better user experience by allowing your users to use their native language in your applications
  • This extension allows you to develop one application and deploy instances to various locales using their preferred localization
  • Deploy one application that supports multiple localization
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