QuickBooks Fusion

Combine the popular products, QuickBooks and Quick Base to seamlessly run your organization.

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Integrating Quick Base with QuickBooks is one of the most in-demand features. Save time and money by synchronizing data between the two popular applicationsĀ and ensuring that each department is viewing the most up-to-date information in both applications.

Decrease Departmental Workload

Duplicate data entry can be time consuming. Easily eliminate wasted time with a QuickBooks Fusion from MCFTech.

  • Avoid multiple people entering duplicate data. For example, both Sales and Accounting can create entries and access entries created by the other department
  • Generate invoices, track expenses, and manage timecards more efficiently
  • Implementation takes weeks, not months
  • Virtually no learning curve, as staff uses the applications they already know

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Help Departments Manage Information

Share information with other departments without granting access to sensitive information found in accounting systems.

  • Duplicate entries are eliminated so accounting staff no longer need to manually correct each entry
  • Duplicate entries are cumbersome and affect accounting accuracy. It also allows other departments access to information that Accounting has entered into QuickBooks that they traditionally would not have
  • Access to confidential information is blocked, so there’s never a concern sensitive information is revealed