quickbase – sql Fusion

Spend time analyzing and reporting on your data; not loading it

Enterprise SQL systems offer many benefits, but often times do not come with user-friendly reporting and analytic tools. Quick Base has a best in class reporting engine, but does not natively integrate with SQL platforms. Our tool bridges the two. This middleware allows you to import data from various SQL platforms into your Quick Base apps. The SQL Fusion saves you time and lets you spend more time analyzing your data, rather than loading it


Gain Insight

Utilize the data storage power of a SQL system and the reporting strength of Quick Base to gain greater insight into your business.

  • Use our tool with many SQL systems to as many Quick Base apps as you need
  • Pull data from various tables and push to a custom mapping in Quick Base
  • Customize your queries against the source system
  • Easily create your mappings with a graphical user-interface (GUI)
  • Run the tool ad-hoc or on a scheduled basis


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Realize the Benefits

Spend time analyzing data; not loading it

  • Reduce time spent maintaining manual data transfers and freshness
  • Analyze your Enterprise data via Quick Base’s reporting capabilities of Summary reports, Pie charts, Area charts and many more