Word fusion

Create beautiful documents from Quick Base with a few simple clicks.

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The Word Fusion tool is a Microsoft Word add-on which allows users to create, generate, manage, and even email Word and PDF files directly from Quick Base. Developed to help Quick Base users speed up common tasks requiring document creation.

Discover the Features

Word Fusion is packed with features, yet easy to use

  • Easily create beautiful document templates in Microsoft Word.
  • Create documents with user-friendly drag n’ drop interface.
  • Use the custom user-interface to generate documents, populated with data from your Quick Base application, with the click of a button.
  • Create and export files to preview, or save files back to Quick Base.
  • Email files to employees, customers, sales, leads, and more, all from your email domain.

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Realize the Benefits

Save time, energy, and ensure your team is providing clients and other resources with the proper documents

  • Save time by generating documents in seconds, not hours
  • Ensure your documents are consistent with revision control
  • Easily collaborate on documents with your workforce, in the same room, or across the globe
  • Easily update document templates with new fields, graphics, images, and more so everyone in your organization is creating standard documents

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Create and Deliver

The Word Fusion can be used to create a wide range of beautiful business documents including:

  • Invoices
  • Project Plans
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Quotes
  • Offer Letters and More