Application management program

Easily manage the release and on-going management of your application environment

The Application Management Program, or AMP, from MCFTech is a Quick Base application specifically designed for large Enterprise businesses to help manage the release and on-going management of your application environment. AMP helps you track your various application releases as well as gather feedback from your end-users to make future enhancements.


Discover the Features

Easily manage and report on your complete Application Lifecycle

  • Track application release versions including all features deployed, bug fixes, or changes made between releases.
  • Formal documentation gives you insight into your applications including features and a description of each feature.
  • Ticketing system to allow your end users to submit feedback, questions, enhancement requests, bug reports, and more.
  • Sophisticated workflows can assign tickets to individuals within organization for consideration.
  • See what users have access to certain applications across the globe and easily provision or revoke access to users for increased control and security.


MCFTech’s Template Builder can work alongside AMP to automatically send your team application release notes

Realize the Benefits

Give your users a voice, all while maintaining unparalleled insight

  • Increase application adoption by giving¬†users a voice in the process and an easy way to provide feedback.
  • Increased¬†visibility into historical changes to your application including feature-level documentation, user-access documentation and release management history.
  • Auto-generate release notes and email them to a distribution list so your users can keep up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements. Combine AMP with our Template Builder to send professional reports to your team.