Discovery Sessions

Launch your Business Process Applications today with Discovery Sessions led by the technology experts at MCFTech

We believe the best solutions come from a sound business understanding and the thoughtful application of technology. Our Business-First approach ensuresĀ a high-level of collaboration with our clients and results that satisfy the organizational needs. Our Discovery Sessions connect you with a Solution Architect and Project Manager to review your requirements, make process and technology recommendations, and present a project plan as a road map to your successful project.


RapidStart Program

Perfect for small and medium businesses, our RapidStart program is a virtual discovery and requirements gathering session.

  • Available in four hour increments, the RapidStart program is conducted virtually, typically in individual two hour sessions.
  • Get a dedicated team consisting of a Solution Architect and Project Manager to review your requirements.
  • After completing the discovery sessions, we provide you a project plan and detailed Statement of Work (SOW) outlining the successful delivery of your Business Process Applications.


Learn how MCFTech can help your business define, refine, and improve your business processes

On-site Discovery Sessions

Our on-site discovery sessions are perfect for businesses of all sizes, including large Enterprises or companies with a large project undertaking.

  • On-site discovery sessions typically last a minimum of two days.
  • Allows for a deeper dive into requirements and higher form of collaboration between MCFTech and your internal project champions.
  • Project plan and SOW presented at conclusion of discovery sessions with project development commencing shortly thereafter.